The analogy of old dogs and new tricks applies to me sometimes. I don’t get into Instagram, Tik Tok, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, and I don’t play video games. But I do know how to stay in touch with friends, business associates, and patients during times when I can’t be with them in-person. The use of video-based communication technologies has become very comfortable for me, and I have been using many of these platforms already.

At Forte, we are leveraging video conference technologies to provide live movement classes for our participants. It provides opportunity to give real-time feedback to correct activity performance for our participants.

The technology is secure and compliant to protect you and your health information. We maintain the same confidentiality as we would in-person.

Tips for success:

1. Good Internet connectivity

2. Need a camera and mic on your device – best on a laptop or tablet device

3. An area with good lighting and space for movement

4. Patience with a new process – we will figure out how best to make it work for you!

We can help you! Ask us at Forte how we can arrange telehealth visits for your convenience and care.