Strength & Flexibility

You want to stay strong, flexible, and healthy your entire life. So, you need a movement plan you can easily fit into your daily lifestyle. A routine that doesn’t require hours every day in a gym. Our experts will help you develop an individualized plan that fits your goals and lifestyle.

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Why Choose Forte Forever for Fitness?


Get The Perfect Plan For You

The only fitness plan that is effective is the one that fits into your lifestyle with activities you enjoy doing. That’s why we offer different routes to improved fitness and mobility. Our Licensed Physical Therapists will work with you to develop a lifelong fitness program that fits your lifestyle and interests. Our patients love that at Forte you can try out many different types of exercise to discover the perfect combination for you.

We use sophisticated body composition analysis and resting metabolic rate measurements to identify the most effective plan for you. Regular monitoring with these tools ensures continuous fine tuning to help you achieve the best results as quickly as possible.



We offer yoga classes for individuals and groups, with in-person and online classes. Whether you are new to yoga or advanced, our expert instructors will help you with the ideal movements to maximize your physical and mental wellness.


Stretching & Body-Weight

For many people the best option is a strength, cardio, and flexibility program they can do at home. Our experts can develop an effective and fun program for you that doesn’t require any fancy or expensive workout equipment.


Strength and Cardio

If you want to take it to the next level, our experts can develop the ideal plan for you using cardio, free-weight, or machine-assisted resistance training. They can develop a customized fitness program you can do at home or in a gym setting, if you prefer that approach to working out.

We work with your insurance company to minimize your out-of-pocket costs.

We’re in-network with hundreds of insurance plans! Call us to see if you’re covered.

Meet Your Forte Forever Strength & Flexibility Team Leaders

The Forte Forever difference is that it’s all about YOU. Each of our experts is here for just one reason—to help you discover the ideal combination of activities and habits that will help you achieve a lifetime of better health. Each of us specialize in specific disciplines, but we all work together as a TEAM because we’re passionate about helping you live your best life possible. There’s no better route to optimum health than to have a team of wellness and medical experts working closely together…focused on YOU.

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Forte Forever App

With our Forte Forever app you always have access to your personal exercise plan, video instructions to demonstrate your exercises, and a way to track your progress to encourage and keep you focused on your goals.