If you or someone you know is affected by diabetes, you may be familiar with the term blood sugar. Blood sugar refers to the concentration of glucose found in your blood. It is important to maintain a healthy blood sugar in order to stay alert, focused, and healthy throughout the day, and there are certain foods that can help to keep your blood sugar in check. Whether you have diabetes or not, maintaining a healthy blood sugar is a key part of feeling your best each day.

Having either a high or low blood sugar can have adverse effects on your overall well being. Symptoms of high blood sugar include stomach pain and fatigue, while low blood sugar can make you feel dizzy and cause you to be irritable and anxious. Obviously none of these symptoms are good things, and an easy way of avoiding these symptoms is to add blood sugar-reducing or boosting foods to your diet. Foods that are high in natural sugars, like fruits, can help you to increase your blood sugar concentration without eating highly processed sugars and fats found in candies and fast food. On the other hand, foods such as broccoli and seafood can help lower your blood sugar through a series of reactions that occur in your body while digesting them.

If you are diabetic, these foods are not enough to replace your insulin pump, but they can help to mitigate some of the negative symptoms of high or low blood sugar. A balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, and healthy proteins can help you to regulate your blood sugar and feel your best. Check the article below to see more about which foods can raise or lower your blood sugar. Here’s to your health!