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Abby Abby is an occupational therapist and board-certified health coach with a passion for whole-person, mind-body medicine.

Throughout her experiences working in an inpatient psychiatric hospital, home health, private practice and within a fully remote diabetes and weight-loss clinic, she has supported individuals with a variety of complex physical and mental health needs.

Abby’s interest in whole-person care began while observing many of her loved ones have difficulty managing chronic illnesses, feeling overwhelmed by their healing process, and finding themselves “stuck” in habits that did not align with their health goals. This led her to help others find individual pathways to wellness. 

As a former collegiate athlete, Abby grew intrigued with the mind-body connection while witnessing many of her teammates recover and manage injuries and pain with comprehensive training around mindset, movement, sleep, stress, and rest/relaxation. Abby enjoys helping individuals adopt healthy habits and routines around these concepts through listening and open questioning while engaging in health promoting activities to learn through doing.

Abby played volleyball and received both undergraduate and graduate degrees at the University of New Hampshire. Abby grew up in Ohio and has since lived and worked in New Hampshire, Washington, Colorado, and Arizona. Outside of work, Abby spends her time at yoga, hiking, running, swimming or in nature. She treasures quality time with her cat Millie, her friends and family.